A flock of women poets who have thus far performed UK-wide, taking a bird’s eye view of human relationships and more. Join us on our flights of fancy – and prepare to have your feathers ruffled!
THE WORD BIRDS is an expanding network which is open to women of any nationality who write poetry in the English language and  who wish to  showcase  their work  via  readings and this website (for further details of membership go to our INFO & BOOKINGS page, then to  JOIN US). Our more experienced poets nurture our ‘fledglings’ by offering support, feedback and opportunities that are otherwise hard-to-come-by for new poets to read alongside established ones.

 Why a women-only membership? The managing editor of UK poetry publisher Bloodaxe,  Neil Astley, pointed out in 2005 that it is still the case that three-quarters of poetry currently being published in the UK is written by men. Women poets need more exposure. Men may however read with us at our events as guest poets.

Since 2006 THE WORD BIRDS have performed at festivals and venues in England and Scotland including Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Saltaire, Bradford, Grassington, Orkney and else-where. Imminent bookings will take us to London and Sheffield and we have opportunities in Europe, America and the Far East in our sights. We will be delighted if you are able to offer a minimum of three of us a reading opportunity within or outside the UK. For more information please go to our INFO & BOOKINGS page, then to  BOOK US.